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Where Makers Are Made.

This is an opportunity to the aspiring entrepreneur to be trained for greatness while building a viable business at the same time.

You have a brilliant business concept. You’ve put in the necessary hard work of studying the market, pinpointing a competitive edge, putting together a business model, a business plan, and may have even put together a first draft of your product. However, you don't have the money or know-how to build your vision. This is a big road block for most aspiring entrepreneurs.

Or, you may just be a seasoned professional in need of a more entrepreneurial career path. You may not have the million-dolar idea, but you've been behind-the-scenes in a corporation enough to know how to build a business–and you want in on the real action.

If either of those roles fit you, Scheme Studio may be the place for you.

We’re looking for visionaries and aspiring executives to become certified Schemers, entrepreneurs-in-residence in the grind process of building a business. We’ll provide each Schemer with a team of resources (designers, developers, business analysts, strategists, marketers, legal representation...etc) and funding to build the product and/or business so that they can focus on the vision and leadership training. If all goes well, we’ll launch a studio company in the open market, in which you will have founder equity in.

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